What is Numerology?

Numerology is the teachings of the invisible forces in the Universe 

Everything in the Universe is energy and vibrates on different frequencies. You and I do, too. And our longings and dreams. And thoughts, emotions, and actions. Most of us can't see the energy; some can feel it. But all of our physical results are always created in the invisible energy realm first, regardless; first a thought, then an emotion, then an action, and then a physical result. Numerology is about understanding and "translating" the energy just like other spiritual tools. Furthermore, numerology holds the possibility of changing the energy signature of a person or an entity fundamentally through the numerological change of name.  

The Invisible Reasons behind Success and Failure 

I know of multiple Numerological Schools and Traditions. In my experience and knowledge, the Numerology System based on the Chaldean Alphabet and the Hebrew Kabala teachings can be used to read, understand and master the Invisible Reasons behind Success and Failure with great accuracy. I have personally experienced how a name change according to the wisdom of Numerology can be a short-cut to personal transformation and an upgrade, because a vibrational change always results in a fundamental reprogramming of our inner "control-system" in the form of our thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

Numerology is controversial and stigmatized 

It might sound crazy to you. Generally speaking, numerology is looked upon as something very controversial. It is stigmatized in both the academic circles, I have been part of, and in the spiritual realm, where I've been "surfing around" for the past 12 years. Numerology is looked upon as the most unbelievable magic-like tool of all spiritual tools.

But it actually works ...

That doesn't mean that everybody has to change their name. It means, that it is both tactically and strategically wise to expand your consciousness to understand the purpose, lessons, talents, gifts, and challenges, advantages, and disadvantages, ect. stemming from the vibrations in your date of birth and names. It makes it much easier to get the best out of your life and play the cards at hand in the best way possible. 

Changing your name changes your personality. It doesn't change your soul or your life's mission. It clears the prism through which your soul shines it's light, and it changes your vibrational field, so that you start attracting new people, places and opportunities into your life on auto-pilot. It gives you a new perspective on life and liberates you from former pain and suffering, because it raises your consciousness.

My jo is to accelerate the process by guiding you all the way from dream to actual manifested reality.

"Everything in Heaven and on Earth is arranged according to numerical discipline ... and the laws of metaphysics are as inflexible and reliable as those governing the ordinary physics of matter."
Linda Goodman: "Star Signs. The Secret Codes of the Universe", Macmillan London Ltd, 1988.

"A Spiritual X-Ray Machine"

"When I met Sophia Carolina I had absolutely no intentions of changing my name. Quite the opposite. I was pleased with my name and was furthermore very skeptical towards numerology. Mostly because I knew nothing about it.

I had my skepticism proved wrong within the first 10 minutes of Sophia's analysis of the numbers related to my name. It was like stepping into a "Spiritual X-Ray Machine". She told me about my life and my challenges in the most private details. Everything was exposed.

I was chocked of the sharp precision. I have only experienced anything like that once before, and that was in my meeting with my Mentor Calle Montsegur. I recognized the same feeling of truth in everything unfolding in the situation. The rest of the process was a no-brainer.

Obviously, I had to change my name. Perhaps the wisest decision I've ever made. It changed my life for the better from the very first day. Everything opened up for me. Everything flourished. Isn't that the best truth-detector?"


Michell León, www.michellleon.co