Sessions & Programs

I offer different types of sessions and programs, all with the same purpose: For you to take the leadership of your life's mission and be, do and have what you came for.

We are all here for a reason, even if we are aware of it or not. Our mission consists of purposes and lessons which are revealed to us by an analysis of the numbers inherent in our date of birth (our soul perspective) and the numbers inherent in our names (our ego perspective). It's part of my mission to present you with the truth of the ancient chaldean numerological system and guide you through the transformational process from dream to actual manifested reality.

When you are presented with the truth of who you are and why you are here, it will resonate within you. You will know. If not you walk away. I create a space for you to know your truth. That is one of my specialities. And I always respect other people's truth. Based on your truth - your inner knowing - I will guide you to personal leadership by numbers, business leadership by numbers and happiness beyond. In my experience the combination of leadership and happiness is the key to experiencing true abundance in all areas of life. If you need my guidance to combine these two disciplines I also offer an exclusive abundance journey.

Leadership by Numbers 

Personal Leadership Session

  • Analysis & Strategy: This session is a first step into the fascinating invisible world of energy and vibrations that will provide you with answers to the questions you've always been pondering: "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" and then what?
    • EUR 455,- (DKK 3.500,-)
  • Relationship Healing: Gain an understanding of the reasons behind any relationship problem in your life. This goes for your relationship with your partner, family, friends or colleagues as well as your relationship to time and money, etc. On the basis of an analysis of your date of birth and name you get effective strategies to heal your relationships. Understanding and forgiving yourself and others is vital for your ability to happily take the leadership of your life's mission and manifest true abundance in all areas of your life. This session provides you with the tools for that.
    • EUR 455,- (DKK 3.500,-)
  • New Name: On the basis of my analysis of your date of birth and name, your inner knowing, dreams and name suggestions I compose a new vibrational set-up for you and guide you in choosing a new name for yourself. By changing your name you change your personality structure - your ego -, which is the spectrum through which your soul is shining its light into the physical reality. Your patterns of thoughts, emotions and actions will change as a result of the name change, and the way other people respond to you will change as well. You will attract different people, places and opportunities and as a result manifest a new life experience. The vibrational change is instant upon the registration of the new name, but your experience of the change as concrete results in your life is gradual. Everything happens according to the perfect timing of your life cycles. Changing your name is not a quick-fix to getting what you want, but a change of the very foundation of how you experience life. 
    • EUR 725,- (DKK 5.500,-)


Business Leadership Sessions

  • The Foundation: On the basis of an analysis of your date of birth and name as well as your company's date of registration and name combined with an overview of the mission, vision, and values of your company I compose a new harmonious name for your company and maybe suggest a new date of registration if necessary and possible. 
    • EUR 725,- (DKK 5.500,-)


  • Strategy session: We go through an analysis of the coming 5 years in your business, and I provide you with strategic insights into how to navigate most successfully. Together we create a 5-year plan according to the mission, vision, values and strategy of your business. 
    • EUR 725,- (DKK 5.500,-) 


  • Product Names + Prices: On the basis of an analysis of you and your company, I compose a harmonious name and price for your product or service. 
    • EUR 725,- (DKK 5.500,-)
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Happiness beyond Numbers

Exclusive 1:1 Experience

If you haven't cracked your personal happiness code yet, there's most certainly something to be gained from the wisdom of numerology. Your date of birth and the numbers inherent in your name reveal many clues as to what your unique code to happiness might be.

However, happiness is beyond numbers. Happiness is created inside out and is a state of being closely connected to inner peace, meaningfulness and fulfillment. You can create this state of being regardless of your numbers. 

In this mini-program we will uncover your beliefs about your needs, values and dreams, and I will help you prioritize and visualize in order to better manifest your desired results in life. We work with focus, mantras, symbols and colors. You get a toolbox with effective transformational tools, and you create your own personal Happy Map. Your Happy Map is an effective tool of manifestation if used correctly. I guide you for one month and help you learn how to manifest what you actually want in life.

This mini-programme is an exclusive 1:1 experience with intensive personal leadership mentoring for 1 month. Price: EUR 6.755,- (DKK 50.000,-)

You book the "Happiness beyond Numbers" program by filling out the form below on this page.



Abundance Journey

Exclusive Educational Group Experience 

Life is supposed to be enjoyed in abundance. An abundance of love, peace, joy and happiness, good health, great experiences and a feeling of living on the leading edge constantly exploring new possibilities. For most people, however, this is not how life feels. I think that's a shame. Because it IS possible to expand beyond our inner limitations and projections that are restricting us and holding us back. If we are willing to do what it takes. Every person has a unique abundance code. I can help you crack yours. It's like a rebirth. The preparations for a new you to be born take about nine months.

By doing this work as a group exercise we accelerate the process even more. This is your opportunity to learn about the ancient chaldean numerology and how you can use this precious knowledge in your own life and at the same time make a complete turn-around in your life, make new companions for life and finally crack your abundance code. Analysis & Strategy session (focus on "who am I?" and "why am I here?") and a new vibrational foundation if needed and wanted (New Name session) is included in the program. If your foundation is already in place due to prior sessions with me, I include a personal Relationship Healing session.

If you are longing for new results in life -  a new abundant life experience - contact me by filling out the form below.

This exclusive educational group experience will take place live in my new office in Hellerup, Denmark, starting in May 2018 and continuing one Saturday every month from May 2018 to February 2019 (except July). Between the group meetings we have 1:1 sessions, online teaching modules and online group interaction.

Enrolment starts in April 2018.

EUR 6.755,- (DKK 50.000,-)

Booking of Sessions & Programs

Prices are ex VAT for business sessions and programs and incl. VAT for private customers. According to EU legislation VAT is not to be paid between companies within the EU or outside the EU ("reverse charge mechanism"). This is not the case between companies in Denmark. You book a Session or a Program by filling out the form to your right on this page. Sessions take place at my office in Hellerup, online or by phone +45 60141012. Payment is by mobilepay +45 60141012 or payment to Danske Bank account 3409-10993059. For international payment I send you a PayPal- link for payment or you pay by bank transfer: IBAN Account no DK0230000010993059. BIC (SWIFT-adresse): DABADKK. 

In doubt?

Feel free to contact me for free consulting in my office hours on Mondays between 9-11 AM CET at +45 60141012 or fill out the form to your right on this page to schedule a free call if you're in another timezone, that we need to work our way around.