Rebalance Jewelry

Rebalance Jewelry make it easier going through personal transformation by rebalancing your energy. It's like wearing music!


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The Rebalance Society

The Rebalance Society is a global network for your spiritual awakening and the personal transformation that follows. I have created the network with my business partners from Rebalance Jewelry, the Seer Michell Léon and the Shaman Malue Montclairre Ignez.

As a member of The Rebalance Society you get:

• A nourishing environment of likeminded people.

• Support with the help of different spiritual themes, tools, ongoing debates and the possibility to ask any question you may have.

• Discounts on jewelry from Rebalance Jewelry as well as on the different services from the three founders Michell Léon, Malue Montclairre Ignez and me.

We have created the community, because we want to ease the journey for anyone going through personal transformation. The overall intention is to invite anyone in the society to share their journey, gifts and mastery. 

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