Sophia Carolina Carena

"I offer strategic leadership mentoring with your numbers as a guide. My job is to assist you in learning how to manifest what you need and want in accordance with your life's mission, instead of repeating the unwanted patterns in your life. I guide you to inner alignment between your head, your heart and your power center, so that you can experience and create life from this level of being. This is where we find truth and abundance. This is home. And from here we can create profound changes for ourselves and make a real difference for other people."

When you change your name, you change your life 


I have changed my own name several times as the curious researcher I am. For starters, I didn't believe in numerology. When I discovered that you actually do change your life, when you change your name (even if nobody knows about it except the official registration office), because it changes your vibration, I decided to experiment with a couple of name changes.

My experience with clients tells me that you also change your life, when you change your name without numerology - for instance if you take a new name when you get married. Obviously it is so, but very few people are aware of this. Please get an analysis, before you go and change your name. So many divorces could be avoided, if people only knew this. You marry one personality and divorce another without understanding what happened, just because one of the parties or both changed their names, when they decided to join each other in the holy matrimony.   

I guide my clients from a very humble position, because I understand and respect that your name is your identity and a change of name affects how you handle your destiny - your life's mission consisting of lessons and purposes. It's of vital importance that you follow your own truth and let your intuition guide the way. If you decide that you want to change your personal vibration using the wisdom of numerology, I guide you from a secure position rooted in the truth of the numbers and with the utmost respect for the truth in your inner alignment. I am a master at creating an "energetic space" for you to get in touch with your inner truth.

For strategic reasons it's a very good idea to know your numbers even if you don't want to change your name, because it gives you a very profound insight into your ego-programming. That knowledge is a short-cut for personal development and for raising your vibration with other tools than a change of name. This is the reason why I believe everyone ought to know about this tool for change and transformation.

Sophia privately and professionally

I live with my husband and 2 kids in a small town by the sea north of Copenhagen in Denmark. I have an academic background as Master of Political Science and International Relations (MSc) and have been employed by the Danish Foreign Ministry, The Danish Delegation to NATO and WEU in Brussels, The Danish Institute of International Affairs, Danish Emergency Management Agency (Homeland Security), and The Defence Command Denmark. Furthermore, I am the author of a book about the identity of Denmark as a small state in International Politics after the end of The Cold War. 

When I became pregnant with my first child - my daughter - in 2004, my life changed drastically due to a spiritual experience and awakening. Following the birth of my second child - my son - in 2009-2010 I chose to quit my job as a Special Advisor within strategy and organizational development in the Danish Defence and started working freelance as a life coach and personal strategy mentor.  

I am educated as an Evolutionary Coach, Passion Test Facilitator, Goal Mapping Practitioner, Feminine Leadership Mentor, and trained as a Numerologist.

In 2012-14 I created the personal leadership system Happy Inside Out with the tool My Happy Map. Today I use the tool with my clients to help them gain clarity and to help them get an anchoring-point through the process following a change of personality/name or as a service for the clients not wishing to change their name but experience Happiness Beyond Numbers.

I am also partner in Rebalance Jewelry and co-facilitator of The Rebalance Society.

In 2018 I am launching my new Abundance Journey - A Group Experiment. It's a combination of going through a personal transformation - a rebirth - and at the same time learning about numerology and master the art of manifesting what you need and want instead of all the opposite. Sign up for my newsletter, if you want to know more and secure your seat around the exclusive table when enrollment starts in April 2018.

You can get in touch with my by e-mail or mobile +45 6014 1012.