What is holding you back from making your dreams a reality?

  • Are you ambitious about your life and career and want to make profound changes?
  • Have you tried "everything" but keep hitting an invisible ceiling and experiencing set-backs? 
  • Do you know that you create your own reality but haven't figured out how to manifest what you need and want yet?



My name is Sophia. I'm your guide into the fascinating world of the invisible reasons behind life as it unfolds. 

I offer a passage into the wisdom of the ancient chaldean numerology for ambitious people, leaders and entrepreneurs, who are ready to know more about themselves and their life's mission and take the leadership for doing what they came for. When you accept the truth of who you are and why you're here and start acting in alignment with your inner calling, you are on the path of making your dreams a reality. 

My job is to assist you in discovering how to create and manifest what you actually need and want on this path, instead of repeating the unwanted patterns in your life. 





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"It was an above and beyond experience!"

- Elizabeth Manou Andersen -


What is the truth?

I assist ambitious people, leaders and entrepreneurs in discovering the truth about their unique situation and help making it possible for them to turn their dreams into reality. 

I offer my expertise and guidance for you both privately and professionally. I have a cyclical and holistic approach to problem-solving, and I easily spot the invisible reasons behind obstacles. I tell you the truth as I see it. And then I create a supporting space for you to find your own truth.

There is no such thing as one truth, and I have the utmost respect for the truth available to you, when you are connected and aligned with your higher self. Oftentimes we get caught up in our ego, however, making it almost impossible to know what to believe. My job is to make you confident about your own truth and guide you from there. 

Happiness is the most important guide to your truth! Try "Happiness beyond Numbers"


Access your inner abundance 

Inside of you there is an abundance of ideas, dreams, talents and gifts. When your inner abundance is connected and aligned with your higher self, you'll experience a flow of abundance in all areas of your life. Growing up we've all been limited in our expression and have been taught to ignore our inner abundance with the sad results of scarcity and a limited life expression.

Abundance is a mindset; a state of consciousness. If you buy into the logic of scarcity and limited resources, you'll never experience abundance. There's always more than enough for everybody, if we tune into the right vibrational frequency. Enough love. Enough opportunities, experiences, time, money, etc.etc. Abundance is the dance through life without letting yourself being stopped by limiting beliefs about yourself, about others, about life, about your possibilities, etc. If you navigate life with an abundance mindset you create abundance, i.e. a life of thriving and blossoming. 

I can help you re-establish your connection with your inner abundance and create an abundant life in all areas, i.e. whatever you've been dreaming about your whole life. That's what I teach in my 9 month program "Abundance Journey"


Leadership by numbers 

Everyone of us is here for a reason. We all have a life's mission, whether we're aware of it or not. Your mission consists of purposes and lessons, and it is your responsibility to get "the job" done before you die. Life will push you in different directions and present you with obstacles until you wake up and get on your right path. Your soul's path.

The problem is the ego. Your personality. It can be extremely inflexible. It's your responsibility to transform your personality in such a way, that your soul can shine through the prism of your personality construct. Ideally, we cleanse and clear our personal prism so fully that we are easily and constantly guided by our soul – our higher self - in everyday living and freely let our inner light shine for others to be inspired and lifted by. In reality, we all have an ego that gets in the way of our soul from time to time.

What I mean by "Leadership by Numbers" is that you - based on the message of your personal numbers from your date of birth and names and your inner knowing - take the leadership of your life's mission and do what you came for. I can help you do that. Check out my Sessions & Programs.

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